Highlight Films offers full 4K video production services in Israel for professional  productions. We offer 4K cameras, a full workflow as far as DIT, backups, post production, editing. Our skilled personnel trained in all aspects of 4K video production in Israel and the West Bank.

We have completed many dozens of long-form productions in 4K: TV dramas, documentary films, big screen video presentations and one 13-episode nature / landscape series.

4K Footage

Most of our stock footage of Israel is in 4K. This task is ongoing, both on the ground and using camera drones, and a large part of footage archive is already in 4K.

4K Cameras

We use the latest models of 4K video production in Israel

Cameras: Red Epic, Dragon, Weapon, Helium, Arri Alexa, Alexa Mini, Arri Amira, BlackMagic 4K, Sony F-55, Canon C-300m2

Our online footage store – http://www.israel-footage.com/ now offers 4K time lapse clips of Israel for licensing.