Filming from the air is complicated, costly and is often given to circumstances beyond our control, such as wind, dust ,haze,  and heat to mention just a few of them . Our answer to these challenges is our experience: years in the industry producing aerial productions in Israel, by helicopters and drones. We present and license our stock footage – both aerial and ground – in a dedicated online footage store of Israel. 
map of stock aerial footage of Israel
Link to interactive map of stock aerial footage of Israel
We have executed hundreds of aerial shoots with helicopters and with drones  in Israel – for feature films, news reports, documentary films, and for corporate, marketing and sales videos. We film for commercial and public organizations in Israel on a monthly basis, and we produce aerial shoots in Israel for  American, British, Canadian, French, German  and Japanese customers. Our aerial production team is ready to take any professional challenge, like we did with the filming of Jerusalem 3D IMAX in 2011: It was the first time a professional I MAX SPACE CAM camera set was shipped to Israel. 

There were 2 traditional ways of taking professional aerial shots and stills: filming from a light airplane and filming from a helicopter. In the last years there is also a new kid in town: the drone. The developments in the technology of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and the declassification of former military technologies for civilian uses have turned the multi rotor UAV or drone into an accessible mean to get the best visual impact of a project, a process, or a company.  

Developed primarily for military uses, camera-carrying drones have been introduced to the professional video industry in the last five years. Now, in 2018, we have an extensive variety of drone footage collections, and our extensive work load allows us to get better results for reasonable costs. 
We use the three types of drones available to get shots helicopters and planes simply cannot – rising shots from ground to 1,000 ft and vice  versa,  as well as sweeping dolly shots that make it seem as if the camera is rolling on virtual tracks.
The unmanned aerial vehicles we use are equipped with full HD / 4K DSLR and provide excellent HD / 4K footage. They can fly and film at any altitude, from 4 ft. to 1,000 ft.  HD Footage is recorded on storage cards and can be viewed online on a ground monitor. The results are spectacular. We would be happy to advise you about the production of aerial filming for a corporate video or a presentation. 
If you are interested in licensing our stock footage: 

WWW.ISRAEL-FOOTAGE.COM is our online archive store, offering secure and instant licensing of our footage. More than 1,500 HD and 4K clips are available for licensing online, within seconds and no registration required.

Drone aerial filming in Israel  Drone aerial filming in Israel  Shooting with Octocopter 086


For any question regarding our production services, please 
email us or call +972-3-6168611 or from the US: 1-917-338-6188

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