Highlight Films has more than two decades of experience in producing aerial video shoots in Israel, by airplanes, helicopters and drones. We film in Israel on a weekly basis; our stock footage collection is on a dedicated online footage store of Israel. 

Our aerial filming experience

We have executed hundreds of aerial shoots with airplanes, helicopters and a variety of drones in Israel: for feature films, news reports, documentary films, and for corporate, marketing and sales videos. We continue to produce aerial shoots in Israel for our American, British, Canadian, French, German and Japanese customers. Our aerial production team can handle any professional challenge: we did with the filming of Jerusalem 3D IMAX in 2011. It was the first time a professional IMAX SPACECAM camera set filmed in Israel. 

Filming with a drone in Israel

The Israeli Authorities publish strict rules regarding drone operation in Israel. Accordingly, all our drone operators are certified, licensed and insured in Israel. Moreover, they are very good at what they do…
We use the several types of drones. Our drone of choice is a DJI Inspire 2, with a X7 lens. However for heavier loads and for a 2nd operator flights, we use heavier, custom-designed drones.
In addition, the unmanned aerial vehicles we use can carry full HD / 4K DSLRs and full sensor cameras, including REDs and ARRI Alexa Mini. We would be happy to advise you about the production of aerial filming in Israel.