Highlight Films provides production services for video, film and television in The West Bank and Gaza, including fully equipped camera crews.

All our Palestinian camera crews are experienced with international productions and speak several languages. Many of them can work as one man bands, recording sound in addition to filming. We provide full production services both in the West Bank and Gaza.


Camera formats

Sony F5 / F55
Sony FS7 / A7S Mii
Canon C300 / C300Mii / 5D3
Standard Equipment pack for Palestine shoots
In every shoot we make sure the camera crew has a standard set of equipment and accessories. If additional equipment is needed urgently, we can always rush it to the location within two hours on most areas of the West Bank.

Each camera gear, regardless of the camera format, includes:
BNC, XLR cables and connectors
50 ft. XLR cable for remote sound source
Batteries + charger
Basic Light kit – 3 Leds.
Light Stands
Radio mic
Clips and connectors


For any question regarding our production services, please
email us or call +972-3-6168611 or from the US: 1-917-338-6188


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