Highlight Films works with the best Camera crews in Israel and Palestine, specializing in: news, documentary, sports, corporate and/or commercial productions.
Our cameramen can work by themselves, recording sound in addition to filming. However, when filming a documentary production or a documentary-style corporate video, we always have a professional sound man on site.
In addition – any grip equipment, additional lights and camera accessories are available in both Israel and Palestine .
*We always have a standby camera crew in Tel Aviv.

Our Video Camera Formats

8K: RED Helium
4K: RED Epic / Dragon / Weapon
Sony F-5/55, FS7, FS7m2
Panasonic GH5, Panasonic Varicam
Canon 5D3 / 5D4 / C-300mii
Arri Alexa, Alexa mini, Arri Amira 

Camera crew Standard ENG Set

In every shoot we make sure the camera crew has a standard set of equipment and accessories. If additional light or grip equipment is needed urgently, we can always rush it to the camera crew on location within 1-2 hours to most areas of Israel and West Band. 
Each camera crew receives the following gear:
BNC, XLR cables and connectors
50 ft. XLR cable for remote sound source
Batteries + charger
Basic Light kit – Battery operated LEDs: 1000, 500, 324.
Light Stands
Radio mic
Clips and connectors
Optional light sets: we have a full line of professional lights: Arri, Kino and LED lights available for rental. Our camera crews and videographers in Israel are equipped with both compact and easily operated grip for corporate and other productions – gimbals, dolly + track, doorway dolly, camera sliders etc’.
Several sets of portable green screen and green room sets are available for on-location use. 
Any other accessories you would need for our equipped camera crews in Israel.

Stereoscopic Camera Sets

Highlight Films provides 3D HD camera sets, rigs and all necessary production services for stereoscopic filming, used in order to create 3D video. Our team is the most experienced in Israel in 3D production – from 65mm IMAX to 3D rigs for HD video, including filming, editing and mastering in all advanced 3D formats.
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