We have been using camera drones in Israel since 2013 and completed hundreds of aerial productions. Drones are the perfect solution for news, documentary and corporate shoots: aerial filming with camera drones gets us shots no helicopter or airplane can take: vertical lift from the ground to hundreds of feet in the air, descending from the sky to the ground, sweeping dolly movements, seen as if the camera is rolling on virtual tracks.

The camera drones we use are equipped with full HD DSLR / 4K cameras and provide excellent footage. We fly with Alexa-mini and any RED camera. 
4K / 8K / HD Footage is recorded on storage cards and can be viewed online on a ground monitor. The results are spectacular. 

Our drone aerial footage is available for secure, online licensing in our store: Israel footage store.
For professional drone filming in Israel please contact us.

Here are some clips taken by camera drones all over in Israel:


Caesarea Maritima: