Highlight Films offers professional  local services for feature film productions taking place in Israel and the West Bank.

We can  handle all parts of the feature film production , while coordinating with the foreign production and film crew arriving to Israel.

We have 20 years of experience in providing feature film productions with location services, arranging film permits, coordinating film crews, actors and extras, transportation and all other professional and logistical aspects of the feature film production.
The best production managers and location managers in Israel work with us, and we often appoint and in house line producer to supervise the localproduction.

Location Scout

Our experienced location managers will find the places you are looking for: From the high mountains of the Galilee, to the dry wilderness of the Negev Desert, the beautiful Mediterranean shores, the Biblical landscape of the Jordan Desert to the high intensity urban atmosphere of Tel Aviv; Israel is small, you can drive its length in one day, so even a short locations scout can be useful if planned efficiently.

In our footage archive there are shots of virtually every point in Israel,  many in high definition. We can show you the location you would like to visit from various angles before coming to the location.

Film production equipment in Israel

The Highlight Films production personnel are experienced with all kinds of film productions. We have worked with British, French, American, Japanese,  Canadian and Italian feature film producers who came to Israel to film their movies here, and we are  aware of the possible complexities of any production. During the years we have composed a list of suppliers, colleagues and service providers who fit our professional standards. To each feature film production we bring the most of our experience and contacts in order to make it a successful project!

As far as equipment, everything you need for a complicated film production is available in Israel: 16mm and 35mm cameras, lenses, grip, light and electricity, as well as any additional equipment or accessories.

Film production crew in Israel

There are many experienced feature film professionals in Israel. In addition to local movies produced in Israel, there are many international film and movie productions in 35 mm and 16 mm arriving to Israel every year.Be sure  we will assemble the best team of film professionals for your production – experienced, hard working men and women who can help you achieve the best results in your production here.

We work  with many film production companies, both independent film producers and European film production companies.

We have provided feature film production services in Israel and Palestine for Mary, starring Juliette Binoche  and directed by Abel Ferrara, and for Persona Non Grata, directed by Oliver Stone and filmed in Israel and Palestine; La Strada di Paolo: Directed by Salvatore Nocitaas, The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall for Films 4, UK; Dovid Meyer – an independent American film, as well as for other Italian, Russian and British film productions taking place in Israel and the Palestinian Authority. In 2013 we have completed the production of Jerusalem 3D IMAX, afterfour years.


 For more information contact us through the website or email us directly to: info@highlight.co.il
Telephone +9723-6168611  From US: 1-917-3386188
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