Religious and Biblical productions in Israel

 In the last 20 years  we have produced hundreds of videos dealing with religious themes, sacred places  and many ways of pilgrimage to the Holy Land – by  Jewish and Christian organisationsHighlight Films: Holy Sepulchre Jerusalem

Our crews: producers and cameramen  are experienced in such religious productions, regularly visiting the sacred sites for Judaism and Christianity in Israel and Palestine. In addition, our stock footage archive presents high quality video images of most sacred places in Israel, filmed on the ground and from the air Our footage is regularly licensed by the

Jerusalem Western Wallworld’s leading TV channels,production companies and independent filmmakers. If you are looking for local producers with both years of experience and a thorough understanding of your production needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For any question regarding out production services,please  email us or call+972-3-6168611 or from the US: 1-917-338-6188

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