Security is always a prominent factor when planning a production in Israel. Sadly, not only is the land known for its beauty, but also its conflicts. When entering an area of higher instability, there is always a risk of falling victim to extremism. To ensure the safety of our client our team always maintains a high level of vigilance, and provides direction in a calm, tactful manner.

In the past years we have provided various productions with security of all levels. As a diversified company, we use both Israeli and Palestinian security personnel; this of course, being based on our needs, and the security conditions of the area. We also offer armed and unarmed security personnel; all of which are highly experienced in international productions.

When filming with high profile talents, actors, or presenters, we may suggest using our personal bodyguards. In these cases, the bodyguard’s sole responsibility is that of the assigned individual’s safety and security. Additionally, we often provide detailed information on our entry and exit plans.

Operating in conflict areas

We keep direct communication with the police authority in every area. At all times our office coordinators monitor multiple alerts systems. This way, we can notify a client on developing security conditions in an instant. At times we may advise our fixer on location to change a planned route or to avoid a location altogether. Every few years Israel is involved in a military conflict with one of its neighboring countries. We believe that in the end, no footage is worth someone’s life. Our war-savvy fixers, will advise if you should take shelter or leave an area.

Highlight Global Security (H.G.S) is the initiative of experts from two separate disciplines – film production, and security. We aim to provide security measures, fully customized for the entertainment industry; specifically international productions arriving to Israel and the neighboring countries. 

Production Security Solutions

H.G.S delivers carefully planned static and dynamic security solutions, with the ability to adapt to rapid changes in location, timetable and conditions. We consider ourselves a high end, customer service focused, security company. We are based in Tel Aviv and operate in Israel, the West Bank (Including the Palestinian Authority areas and Gaza) and throughout the Middle East.


Our specialties include:

  • Executive Security Services, highly trained plain-clothes security staff providing discreet protection.
  • Armed and unarmed security personnel – all veterans of Israel’s elite units.
  • Security consulting: vulnerability and threat assessments /Risk Analysis.
  • On location security of gear, trucks and personnel, stages, locations, transportation, equipment, set pre-rigs, base camps, etc.
  • Airport / checkpoints, border crossing protocols and advance coordination.
  • Online security updates: due to the dynamics of security events in Israel, our Tel Aviv HQ personnel are connected online to all our security agents in the field. HQ advises the agents re developing threats, nearby security events or any change in local security conditions.
  • professional crowd control

*Due to the discrete nature of the business, we cannot display the resumes of our experts, nor can we provide references on our web page. However, we have no issue providing these when directly contacted by a prospective client.*