About Highlight Films

Highlight Films is a service-oriented production house, specializing in providing films, television and video production services in Israel for a variety of international projects.

What We Do

We offer TV, documentaries, news, corporate and commercial production services. These include fixers and camera crews, research, aerial filming by drones and helicopters, 3D and VR360 video shooting, DIT, editing and post production.

Our Customers

We work in close relations with leading production companies and International broadcasters. Among them CNN, BBC, Channel 4 (UK),  Netflix, Amazon, The History Channels, National Geographic, Arte, PBS, HNK, Bloomberg TV and many others. In 2013 we completed the production of JERUSALEM 3D IMAX, the first and only IMAX film produced in Israel.

The Services we Provide

We can handle all parts of the production, while coordinating with the visiting crew arriving to Israel. We offer our services based on customer needs, and we will give our best advise about how to run a successful and efficient production

Location Services

Finding and clearing film locations in Israel is an important part of providing video production services. Arranging for film permits, coordinating with the responsible authorities and preparing locations for filming. 

Booking Video Camera Crews

coordinating film crews, transportation and logistics; establishing communications between local cameramen and visiting or absent DOP or director. Read more

Professional video cameras and Film Gear

Our camera crews are equipped with all professional models of Sony, Red, Arri, Panasonic and Canon HD / 4K cameras. Read more

Photography Shoot Production in Israel

Highlight Films offers professional local services for photographic productions taking place in Israel and Palestine. More

Production of Feature Films

We can  handle all parts of the feature film production, while coordinating with the foreign production and film crew arriving to Israel. Read more

Film production equipment and vehicles in Israel

As far as equipment, everything you need for a complicated film production is available in Israel: 16 mm and 35 mm cameras, lenses, grip, light and electricity, trucks, vans and production cars. All equipment comes out of the Tel Aviv area, which is where most professionals live. Read more

Corporate Video Production in Israel

Our corporate customers include Intel, Cisco, Microsoft, HP, Alstom ,EMC, Canon, SAP, AT&T, Mobileye and other.We produce and provide a wide range of professional video services for international corporations and organizations: corporate videos, marketing videos, training videos, sales videos, Facebook Ads, YouTube, CEO Video newsletters and more

Religious and Biblical Productions in Israel

In the last 21 years we have managed hundreds of religious and Biblical productions dealing with religious themes, sacred places and many ways of pilgrimage to the Holy Land – by  Jewish and Christian organisations.

Press and Production Security in Israel

In the past years we have provided many various productions with security of all levels. As a diversified company, we use both Israeli and Palestinian highly trained security personnel. More

DIT and Post-Production

Our post production services include setting up DIT units on sets or nearby for dailies viewing. We offer equipped editing suites in Tel Aviv, Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Ramallah, as well as mobile editing units. More

Concierge Services in Israel

During the years we have worked with some of the world’s famous actors, directors, presenters and performers. With such experience we can provide you a professional concierge services in Israel and Palestine.
For more information feel free to Contact the Highlight Films team