Highlight Films is a film, video and television production company. The company provides production series for a variety of international projects and produces co-productions in Israel, Palestine and throughout the Middle East.

Highlight Films was established in 1998 by Noam  Shalev with offices in Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and Bethlehem. We are one of Israel’s leading production houses, providing TV, documentary,news, corporate and commercial production services, including aerial filming by drones and helicopters, 4K production, 3D and VR360 video shooting and editing.

We work in close  relations with leading production companies and International broadcasters such as the CNN, BBC, Channel 4 (UK),  Netflix, The History Channels, National Geographic, Arte, PBS, HNK, Bloomberg TV and many other broadcasters and networks. Four years ago we completed  the production of JERUSALEM 3D IMAX, the first and only IMAX film produced in Israel.

Highlight Films provides professional production crews offering the full range of TV, film and video production services including research, pre-production and coordination, filming in all broadcast formats, editing and up link  services, as well as an extensive footage library.

Our links

Highlight Films main website
Video production services in Israel
Online stock footage store



Highlight Films Israel  2013-06-05 12.14.42  NT5A9709  Highlight Films Israel  2013-06-28 17.08.53-2  Swisserland



For any question regarding our production services, please
email us or call +972-3-6168611 or from the US: 1-917-338-6188

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