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Israel Coronavirus update:

January 20, 2023

There are no Covid restrictions in Israel, but the health authorities are monitoring Covid spread in China and the US. There is no need for mandatory PCR tests before arrival or departure. We continue to provide both remote and on site production services and we welcome any crew arriving in Israel!

We are one-stop-shop for TV, video & film production services in Israel

Since 1998, we’ve been working on international film, TV and video projects in Israel. In short, we offer ALL professional production services, and provide a local home for leading TV networks, websites, corporations and organizations from all over the world. Many of them needed a professional and reliable local production partner or service provider in Israel and the neighboring countries. So we are glad that they chose us.

In 2022 we opened a sister company based in the UAE: Highlight Media Abu Dhabi utilizes the experience and reputation of Highlight Films Israel, to provide the same services in the UAE and GCC member states.

Production Services in Israel: Our Expertise

Highlight Films is the leading production services provider in Israel and the neighboring countries. This website focuses on our wide range of production services for international clients: the leading TV networks and broadcasters, international production companies and many large corporations from all over the world.

Documentary film production in Israel and Palestine

We have the experience of hundreds of documentary films for the world’s leading TV networks, channels and production companies.
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Drone aerial filming in Israel

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Stock footage of Israel

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We think that we are the best production team in Israel, and many of our customers agree. However you don’t that yet… We’d be glad to answer any question about producing in Israel, provide you with references and examples, and make sure your production is successful. However, if you’re not sure – just contact us and we’d be glad to go on a call and provide any details you need.