News and documentary productions in Gaza

We are producing News and documentary productions in Gaza for international networks, TV and web channels. Our producers – in Israel and in Gaza – work in full cooperation to assure that the production runs smoothly. In Gaza, Highlight Films operates local experienced producers and camera crews. We can provide all logistics, security and transportation support for a foreign crew entering the Gaza Strip.

Entry to Gaza

News and documentary productions in Gaza

The only entry gate to Gaza for journalists is the Erez Checkpoint. In order to pass to Gaza, a journalist must have a valid Press Pass issued by the Israeli Government Press Office in jerusalem.

An entry permit to Gaza from Hamas in Gaza, is also a requirement for entering Gaza. Our producers on both sides of the border can assist with obtaining these permits.

Journalists entering Gaza are advised not to bring any alcohol, drones or advanced location signalling tech.

News and documentary productions in Gaza: Our production services

Gaza skyline - Highlight Films

We have experienced news and documentary camera crews in Gaza. Drone filming is usually available, however there are severe restrictions on any aerial filming during active fighting. Our Gaza fixers can provide all production services to the visiting crews, without compromising on security and safety.

News and documentary productions in Gaza: Security

Visiting crews must coordinate the filming locations and interviews with Hamas security. Camera crews can move rather swiftly in Gaza, but military areas are often restricted. We often have private security agents escorting the visiting crew. Our fixers will recommend specific hotels in Gaza. These hotels have 24-hour electricity, and are the Israeli military knows they are safe havens for members of the press.

Our fixers in Gaza have an extensive experience in running emergency protocols. So when there is active fighting between Israel and Hamas, the movements of our crews in Gaza are coordinated by both our Gaza and Israel fixers, to make sure no harm is done to the crew. We know how to arrange an emergency extraction from Gaza, and which authorities we should contact.

Highlight Films’ Gaza Border media center will assist in the safe crossing of Erez Checkpoint, to and from Gaza.

So, if you are interested in our news and documentary productions in Gaza, please make contact and we’d be glad to do it for you!