Corporate shoot Israel

Corporate video shoot Israel

Highlight Films produces and provides a wide range of professional video services for corporate video production in Israel. Our customers are international corporations and organizations. We collaborate with them for the production of corporate videos, marketing videos, sales videos, Facebook Ads, YouTube, Video newsletters and more.

Our customers include Intel, Apple, Cisco, Microsoft, HP, GE, Alstom, Amazon, SAP, AT&T and others…
We aim to help our corporate and commercial customers to communicate more effectively with their clients, suppliers, investors, employees and business environment.

Corporate video production in Israel: post production

Corporate video production in Israel

In some cases we manage the filming, while the editing is done elsewhere. However for other clients we edit in our Tel Aviv HQ. Our experienced editors are very experienced with corporate video production in Israel. We have cutting edge post-production facility, and we use our animation, CGI and our archive footage, including aerial footage, to enrich our corporate videos.

Corporate video production in Israel: Tools and Formats

Corporate video production Israel
  • Training Video – helps you set professional standards, save time and money of mobilizing instruction personnel, achieve uniformity between remote company locations.
  • Medical videos – we have the experience of more than 200 medical videos we produced in the last years. Our experienced production team specializing  in the production of medical and medical-related videos.
  • Marketing Video – anything from hard sale videos to feel-good clips. Anything to help you market and sell your products and services.
  • Public Information Video – for Local Authorities, Government and Large Corporate customers, relating to huge markets. There is no better or more affordable way to send out your message than a professionally produced video clip.
  • Investor relations Video (IR) – Your investors want to see and hear. They are no longer satisfied with spreadsheets and financial data. The image they see stays with them, and they will feel more involved with the business operation.
  • Health & Safety videos
  • Client testimonial video
  • Video Streaming from customer’s website
  • Online company footage archive
  • Conference Video – we often film conference and upload the video to the web.
  • Time Lapse Videos – the time lapse video is always impressive. Squeezing hours, days and years into seconds can tell a whole story in seconds. Time lapse videos leave a strong visual impression on the viewer. Here are samples of time lapse sequences of nature and landscape in Israel.
  • Testimonial video – Would you like to show your potential customer that your current customers are satisfied with the services you provide them?
  • Recruitment Video – Many times it is not enough to write about the employee you are looking for. It is better to show what you mean: Once the message of “This is us, and we are looking for you” is clear, it saves hours of  interviews, screening unfit resumes and losing focus of the best possible candidates.