medical video production in Israel

Medical video production in Israel is what we do best. Since 1998, Highlight Films has been producing hundreds of medical videos in Israel. We produce medical videos for the world’s leading medical and pharmaceutical companies. Among our customers are also marketing companies, publicists and local affiliates international corporations.
Our production teams have years of experience in covering the scientific and academic fields of medicine and science.
We film on a regular basis in research centers, hospitals, labs and manufacturing facilities in Israel. In addition, we produced more than 200 instruction and information videos intended for preparation to medical procedures. Samples of our productions are available online

Our experience in medical videos

The Highlight Films medical production team has extensive experience managing all aspects of medical production in Israel. Moreover, we know the unique needs of the medical and scientific communities. We produce videos for various customers: emergency services, physicians, public and private clinics. In addition, patient training and education, programs, presentations to the board and investors, marketing and public relations videos. 

During the Covid periods we produced several live medical webinars, in collaboration with producers around the world. We are very experienced in remote video production for directors and producers around the world.

At the Covid waves of 2020-2022 we produced many video reports and presentations about Covid tests and vaccines, future medical technologies other stories related to dealing with the pandemic. We produced several reports for British, European, Asian and American news organizations, networks, websites and medical specialist publications.

Among our customers: Teva, Assuta Israel, Johnson and Johnson, Biogen, Abbott, Websedge UK.

Medical video production in Israel: our team

Our producers and camera crews have created many health and medical videos production in Israel for medical organizations and companies. Our customers use medical videos in order to educate patients, doctors and other medical staff. We specialize in procedures and products, instruction videos, streamline treatment & recovery and improving satisfaction with the results. So, if you are interested in medical video production in Israel, please contact us for any question.