Fixer in Israel

A fixer is a local producer or production manager. Being a fixer in Israel takes years of training in various areas. He or she work for the local production company, and they are assigned to a specific production, usually from the prep phase until the end of the filming period. The fixer is in charge of our local camera crew, of getting the required film permits and coordinating the shoot with anyone involved in it.

Our fixers have extensive experience in managing international productions in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. A good fixer in Israel knows all the possible solutions to any problems he or she faces. In our case, they can use all our company resources in order to make it happen.

In addition to extensive production experience, our fixers in Israel get additional professional training in security, safety procedures and activating our company protocols before, during and after a shoot. Highlight Films has Israeli fixers who work in Israel proper and the settlements in the West Bank. Our Palestinian fixers cover the West Bank, and the East part of Jerusalem. Our Gaza fixers are working only in Gaza, as Palestinian Gaza residents are not allowed to go out to Israel.

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