Religious and Biblical productions in Israel

Our Experience

In the last 25 years we have produced hundreds of religious and Biblical productions in Israel. They focused on history, archaeology and Biblical landscape. We are constantly dealing with the significance of the sacred places and pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Our crews work with the world’s leading TV networks and various religious organizations globally.

We produce religious documentary films, Bible lessons, live and recorded Christian music concerts, sermons and other religious content. Therefore, our experience in TV production has allowed us to manage significant international projects, such as Jerusalem 3D Imax and National Geographic Holy Tomb project.

Our crews

Our producers and cameramen have years of experience in working on international religious productions. We are regularly filming in the sacred sites for Judaism, Christianity and Islam in Israel and Palestine and we specialize in accessing, permitting and clearing film locations in Israel and Palestine.

Religious and Biblical locations in Israel and Palestine

There are numerous relevant sites and locations for religious / Biblical productions in Israel:

  • The old city of Jerusalem, including the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Via Dolorosa, Mount of Olives and Garden Tomb.
  • Bethlehem – the Church of Nativity and the nearby Shepherds’ Field.
  • The monasteries in Judea Desert, and along the Jordan River.
  • Nazareth, Kana and the Galilee.
  • Many other locations in Israel and Palestine.

if you are looking for the experts on Religious and Biblical productions in Israel, please feel free to contact us.

Film permits

RELIGIOUS / BIBLICAL production in Israel

It is vert important to get the required film permits for religious / Biblical productions in Israel in advance. We do it on a regular basis, for many years. Therefore, our producers have excellent work relations with the various religious, state and local authorities in charge of film permits, and we’d be glad to help you with obtaining these permits.

Stock footage

Our stock footage archive presents high quality ground and aerial video clips of the most sacred places in Israel. Therefore, our footage is regularly licensed by the world’s leading TV channels, production companies and filmmakers.